Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Superstitions; How Do They Work?

Well at this very second, it is 11:11 am. Now, you all probably know the whole thing where you "make a wish" at 11:11. Then there's the shooting star one, the birthday wish, along with the penny in the fountain, the unlucky number 13, etc. It all got me thinking, if there's no religion (that I know of) based solely on superstition, and there aren't any scientific facts behind it, why do people persist on believing in this kind of stuff?

Well first off, tradition is a big factor in all of this. Whoever came up with the idea of luck applied it to everyday things obviously passed their belief down to their children and so on, so forth. Conceptualization. Well now, people don't want to give up this tradition because they believe in a magical aspect called luck.
My handy dandy friend, www.dictionary.com, defines luck as: "the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities." The FORCE? Ya gotta be kidding me.

Why don't I believe in luck, you ask? Well everything happens for a reason, and you know who's in charge of these odd events? That one dude named God. He's got a plan for everyone. Be it fortune or adversity. I'm not trying to say that if you believe in God, you cannot believe in luck. Luck just seems to have become the security blanket for many people.

So YOU tell me now. Post your comment at the bottom, and tell me why or why not you believe in luck and superstition. I'd love to hear your inputs.


  1. Here is a thought problem for you... Imagine I am an evil king over 10,000 women and they each have 1 young child. Being the evil king that I am, I decide that my kingdom is over populated and some people need to die. I then send my servant to each and every woman where he flips a coin and the woman has to guess HEADS or TAILS. If she guesses correctly, her child survives. If she guesses incorrectly, her child is killed. Predict then after this exercise about how many children will be killed! Now let's bring into the equation God. Would God alter the statistics of the coin flip OR inspire the women to guess the correct coin side in order to save children's lives?
    IF you answer YES, then this behavior pattern of God's would be detectable in the long term and PROOF would then exist for the presence of God.
    IF you answer NO, then the destiny of each child is based on the pure LUCK of the coin flip.
    So which is it?