Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Halfway Through Spring Break!

So today was pretty much the midpoint of spring break. One thing that's really been bugging me is that a lot of the varsity kids (baseball) are talking crap because I'm on JV. Not naming any names but...., "You've been to every practice since October, along with last year, and you STILL can't make varsity?" Oh boy. That was like, the 3rd to last straw. Only a few more and I'm gonna yell at someone. But other than that, practice was pretty good today. We scrimmaged against each other (JV vs. Varsity) and it sucked. We got beat 8-1 I think. I messed up once, but OF COURSE, as soon as I mess up coach will pull me out, but when pretty much any other position messes up, they're fine. BRAAAWWWHHH! Bleh. But then I went to Janae's house with Caleb for a few hours and that was pretty fun...then youth group, which was amazing as always. I'm proud to say I finally took down Caleb in his undefeated streak in a game! B-)

But overall, spring break has been hectic. The parental figures are not happy with the fact that practice is so early in the morning...especially on their "break." But yeah, then there're our games against Wasson (Chickens!). We played them last Friday and lost 6-5! It was EXTREMELY close. But it was mainly because our right field spaced in the last inning so they got ahead. But hey, we play them again on Saturday, and this time it's a home game so we're going to win. Promise.

Back to my venting. The people who I played C-squad with last year that moved up to Varsity this year's egos have skyrocketed. Once again, not naming any names, but they were cool, but now since they're above poor little Peter, they think they can push him around all they want. Hmmm...Whats YOUR batting average? 0? 100? Yeah, just a statement...mines 500. ;) How many errors have YOU had throughout the season so far? 5, 6? Me? 1. ;) So don't throw your ego at me. BRAAAWWWHHH! 

Well, thanks! :D

PS-Motherly figure--this isn't so bad, right?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Superstitions; How Do They Work?

Well at this very second, it is 11:11 am. Now, you all probably know the whole thing where you "make a wish" at 11:11. Then there's the shooting star one, the birthday wish, along with the penny in the fountain, the unlucky number 13, etc. It all got me thinking, if there's no religion (that I know of) based solely on superstition, and there aren't any scientific facts behind it, why do people persist on believing in this kind of stuff?

Well first off, tradition is a big factor in all of this. Whoever came up with the idea of luck applied it to everyday things obviously passed their belief down to their children and so on, so forth. Conceptualization. Well now, people don't want to give up this tradition because they believe in a magical aspect called luck.
My handy dandy friend,, defines luck as: "the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities." The FORCE? Ya gotta be kidding me.

Why don't I believe in luck, you ask? Well everything happens for a reason, and you know who's in charge of these odd events? That one dude named God. He's got a plan for everyone. Be it fortune or adversity. I'm not trying to say that if you believe in God, you cannot believe in luck. Luck just seems to have become the security blanket for many people.

So YOU tell me now. Post your comment at the bottom, and tell me why or why not you believe in luck and superstition. I'd love to hear your inputs.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What the Heck Does Your Blog Title Mean?

You could very well be thinking one (or all) of three things right now regarding the title of my blog.
1) That Peter kid has a decent vocabulary.
2) That Peter kid is a show off with that vocabulary.
3) That Peter kid is just one sexy beast.
Now you're deciding which one is correct. Now you just realized that I actually have a horrible vocabulary because I just now told you that I looked up synonyms for pondering because pondering is a LAME word. So it's not numero uno. 1) That Peter kid has a decent vocabulary.
NOW you know that I wasn't showing off because I didn't know what conceptualizing originally meant. Adios, numero dos. 2) That Peter kid is a show off with that vocabulary.
So the infamous process of elimination has left you with numero tres has your last option. Sucks, doesn't it?

Anyway, back to the meaning of my title. Everyone knows what independent if YOU don't...then a tree or something. Conception means birth. Conceptualizing means birth or forming of an idea or an invention. I believe that one should not constantly rely on others for their own good, but rather become independent. Of course, I still rely on my parents and God, but in my own sense, I am still independent. I keep the majority of my thoughts to myself, and often, if I have a problem, I will find a way to fix it myself. I also will often just fall into a trance, entering the endless dominion of my own thoughts, and I don't really tell anyone about my ideas. But I'm tired of keeping things to myself, and I'm not the type to say stuff like this in person so this is the solution! Independently conceptualizing.

On (in?) this blog, I will figure out how to separate certain types of postings. One with what I am feeling and what I've been doing, and the other with my crazy thoughts and ideas. I ask you to follow. I don't want this to be some failure, or else my idea of this was completely wasted. Plus, who knows? You might find something that interests you.

A thank you to the Caren of the Warry's. I've been wanting a blog for a while, but I couldn't really find a free one. I saw his and I made one of my own. Call me a copycat. But truthfully, I'm just independently conceptualizing.